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Total Number of Questions  ::

The  Number of questions asked may vary on the basis of exams. Generally, You will get 10, 15 or 20 Questions.

Time You will get to answer each question ::

Questions are timed, typically 120 seconds each. The page automatically gets submitted if you don't answer the question within 120 seconds. Time left to answer the particular question is shown in score-card.

Multiple Choice Question

Questions are multiple choice, with one (and only one) correct answer and other distracters. You have to select the right answer and submit it. 

Do you want negative marking ??

Negative marking is "optional feature" included in our Exams. You can take exam with this feature ON or OFF. In case you choose the ON feature, You would be penalized for every wrong answer.

 50% of Points assigned to that question would be deducted from your score. 

(e.g. if the question is of 1 point and you give wrong answer then 0.5 points will be deducted from your score) . 
There is penalty for guessing, so be careful while making guesses when you are uncertain !

View your score while giving exam...

You can also view your score while giving exam, whether you're going right or not. This is the "optional feature", you can choose before exam whether to have "Score Card" or not. 

Life Lines!!

You're provided with "Three LifeLines", i.e. if you are stuck up somewhere,  you can use one of your lifeline. It will help you in answering the question by reducing the number of options to "Just Two".

Your Session ID is important!

You have to note down your Session ID provided to you at the beginning of exam as you will need this Session Id if your connection gets broken with us during the examination. You will be asked to enter this Id in the Session Id box to re-enter the examination from where you left within 1 hr. of the problem.

Also note that this is not the Session Id which you'll enter if you are taking the exam again. On the re-enter page, please enter the Session Id which you were given the first time when you took the exam. 

Your Transcript ID is also for "Future Reference"

Transcript ID provided to you is unique. You can view your certificate only if you have correct Transcript ID. You can also give this Transcript ID to your future Employer, so that he can view your certificate online.

Linear or Random Type of Exam...

Questions provided to you are of different Proficiency Levels. These Proficiency Levels are : Easy, Difficult, Very Difficult. Based on these proficiency levels we have formulated two patterns, Random and Linear, for the exam. You can give exam choosing any one of them.
Linear : In this pattern you will get fixed number of questions from each proficiency level, in ascending order of Proficiency level. 
**Random : Questions are selected from our question banks, based on how well you are doing. Our Test engine analyzes your responses and selects a question of the appropriate level in a topic. You can proceed to next level of questions only if you give 70% correct answer to the questions of the current level. Otherwise, our engine provides you questions of the same level.


You will receive your score immediately following the test. In the score report, you will see the following: 
> Percentage of marks you gain.
> An announcement of whether you have been certified.
> Grade You have been assigned.
> A summary of your strengths and weaknesses. 

After passing the tests....

You will get certificate for passing the exam with grade specified.

** Coming soon

If you're clear with Guidelines of taking exam and well prepared you can take exam of your choice or you can go through a demo exam .....

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