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As you probably know, the information technology industry has exploded in the last 15 years. Information technology courses are especially valuable to those interested in getting ahead in this now competitive field. 

 Short Term Courses(Certificates)::

Our Short Term Courses give you a comprehensive training in today's fast growing IT world. Our certificates are invaluable if you're searching for a new job or promotion in your specialization field.

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 Long Term Courses::

Long time courses will run parallel to your degree education or school education. These courses have already given a well defined career to millions of youngsters in India and abroad. It has helped millions to adopt the highly successful IT world.

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   BCA and MCA(Degree Courses)::  

Dewsoft has tied up with the Deemed University to provide various Degree and Diploma courses, recognized by Min of HRD, Govt. in India. In addition to degree programs a dual qualification advantage is provided from Dewsoft Education Academy with additional subjects and diploma provided by the academy. 

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 Global Forum::

Now you can find solution to all your problems- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You get answers from some of the best brains in IT.

Dewsoft gives you powerful, customizable, performance-based testing, as well as knowledge-based tests on professional and IT skills that can be given from the convenience of any place with a computer connected to internet.

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Dewsoft Education Academy helps you in pursuing your career education in United Kingdom and Cyprus.

Some Universities have extended their hands to Dewsoft to reach across the country for students admissions. These universities provide you with a highly intellectual environment with the best facilities in the world and at an extremely reasonable fee structure and other expenses. For admission and visa, Please  contact Dewsoft Head Office. 


   Third Party Certifications::

Dewsoft also provides third party certification courses that are highly valuable in the current job market. Microsoft certifications like MCSE, MCSD, CCNA, DOEAC certifications etc. at an extremely reasonable fees and highly professional atmosphere.

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Dewsoft Education Academy has evolved from years of experience understanding the needs of students, business and the IT industry. From our experience with numerous IT projects we have seen the need for training beyond certification. we believe that to really succeed in the IT field, you need to learn and understand how technology applies to business and

its processes.The IT education development in India has helped India become an economical and IT superpower in the world.


Dewsoft brings a Hindi version Tutorial for all of you which comprises of Topics like Hardware , HTML, Internet,  Ms-Office ( Ms-Word, Ms-Powerpoint, Ms.Excel,), Tally, and Some basic concepts of windows.

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